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Welcome to MidValley Water Polo!


New Personalized Boys Suit

November 11 thru 18, 2015

Recently join the team and need a team suit? Are you a veteran and several years of fighting for Set position taken its toll on your current suit? Do you just like to keep up with the current styles and want an extra? You are in luck. We are placing a group order for new team suits and for the first time ever the MVPolo suit will have your athletes name proudly displayed on the suit, and we are celebrating our connection to the Pacific Rim and the California lifestyle with a pacific hibiscus print around the logo. These enhancements have been added at no additional cost. 


To order please e-mail Donald Walker at and let him know what suit type and size you need then turn in your order form by Wed Nov 18th to your coach or Donald Walker. (Please see the order form attached.)  Boys Suits are $45 and Girls suits are $80.  T-Shirts, Car Window stickers, and other items are also available.

If you have any questions Please contact Donald Walker at or (626) 209-9463.


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Preparing our Athletes for Life by Teaching them to Work Harder, Dream Bigger, and
Take Pride in Achievement

About MidValley Water Polo Club

Originally founded in 1999, MidValley Water Polo started with 8 girls.  We have grown, and in our 2014 Summer Session, we had over 220 kids aged 4 -18 playing at various skill levels, from beginners' “splashball” to competitive travelling teams that competed in the USA Junior Olympics held in Stanford, Northern California. We hold practice year-round.

Would You Like To Join Our Team?

Whether you're a novice or an experienced water polo player, we would love to have you on our team.

Contact us today for more information.

Robert Zirovich

Head Coach

The Game

Water polo has a reputation as one of the toughest, most physically demanding team sports in the world.  It is a game that combines the tactical elements and the physical demands of such diverse sports as swimming, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and rugby.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce kids 4-18 to the sport of water polo, and teach them the swimming skills, stamina training, and other skills necessary to excel in this demanding sport.

The mental aspects of water polo often times determine the outcome more than the physical play.

Accordingly, as part of our program, we teach kids to set high expectations for themselves, work hard to meet them, and push them to challenge themselves not only in the pool, but in their day-to-day lives.

Levels of Play/Teams

"Splash Ball"

Our Splash Ball Program serves as an introduction to water polo.  It teaches kids 4-10 the basics of water polo and swimming, and basic water safety skills.

By way of analogy, the Splash Ball Program is to water polo as T-Ball is to Little League Baseball. 

Novice Water Polo Program

Our Novice Water Polo Program is focused on developing endurance and teaching fundamental water polo skills to kids 8-11.  It serves as the bridge to our competitive travel teams. 

Club Travelling Teams

Our Club Travelling Teams Program competes locally, nationally, and internationally at the 10 & Under, 12 & U Boys, 12 & U Girls, 14 & U Boys, 14 & U Girls, 16&U Boys, and 18&U Boys levels.

Our Travelling Teams' recent accomplishments include the following:

  • Our High School Boys teams playing in international tournaments in Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia.
  • Our 10 & Under Mixed Team finishing 12th nationally at this Summer’s Junior Olympics held at Stanford University (July-Aug. 2014).
  • Our 12 & Under Boys Team finishing 6th nationally at this Summer’s Junior Olympics held at Stanford University (July-Aug. 2014); 
    2nd at the California State Championships this past Spring; and
    1st at the 2014 Hale Summer Championship.

Contact the Head Coach for more information.

Robert Zirovich

Head Coach

Phone: (626) 372-2049

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Registration for Fall 2014 Is Open!

09/13/2014, 7:45am PDT
By Admin

Registration is Open - Enroll Now to Avoid Losing Pool Privileges

Fall 2014 registration is open.  Please enroll promptly in order to avoid loss of pool privileges.

Getting to the Registration page is easy.  Clicking the "Registration" tab on the top of the webpage.  Or if you are really lazy, go here.  :-)

MVPolo scores on Back Bay


Fall 2015 Game Schedule Online

10/14/2015, 3:00pm PDT
By Donald Walker

Game Schedule for Fall


Fall 2015 Schedule for Games (All Travel Teams) is available below

Updated with changes on Oct 14, 2015.


Current Schedule





06/13/2015, 3:45pm PDT
By Greg Camacho


MVPolo scores on Back Bay

10U Mixed Team Takes Winterfest Gold

03/01/2015, 11:15pm PST
By Donald Walker

MidValley 10U Mixed Team continued their winning streak by taking gold medals at Winterfest in Costa Mesa on Feb 14/15.

Going undefeated in the tournament, the 10U Mixed team dispatched teams from Southern California and the Bay Area, including Foothill, Back Bay, and Lamorinda.

2015 Nat'l Water Polo JO Games: Orange County CA


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