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Team Gear


New Personalized Boys Suit

Recently join the team and need a team suit? Are you a veteran and several years of fighting for Set position taken its toll on your current suit? Do you just like to keep up with the current styles and want an extra? You are in luck. We periodically place group orders for new team suits and for the first time ever the MVPolo suit will have your athletes name proudly displayed on the suit, and we are celebrating our connection to the Pacific Rim and the California lifestyle with a pacific hibiscus print around the logo. These enhancements have been added at no additional cost. 


To order please e-mail Donald Walker at and let him know what suit type and size you need then turn in your order form Donald Walker. (Please see the order form attached.)  Boys Suits are $45 and Girls suits are $85.  T-Shirts, Car Window stickers, and other items are also available.

If you have any questions Please contact Donald Walker at or (626) 658-7656.


Car Stickers Now Available! 

Show your team spirit with the new Team Logo sticker!

Stickers are available now for $5.00 each.  See Donald Walker on the pool deck or e-mail Donald at and pick up your sticker today!