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San Diego Weekend Recap

05/07/2023, 11:15pm PDT
By Robert

A quick recap of the weekend with some pictures and video of the weekend events!

SD County Cup Day 3 Game Results

05/07/2023, 4:15pm PDT
By Robert

As the final whistle blows and the pool clears, the weekend's water polo games come to an end. Despite the exhaustion and inevitable soreness, we hope players and parents alike leave with a sense of accomplishment. And as we look forward to the next tournament, we are reminded of the passion and dedication that drives this incredible sport.

SD County Cup Day 2 Game Results

05/06/2023, 11:30pm PDT
By Robert

Day 2 complete! 

Here are the standings for day 2. Congratulations to all the kids for a stellar day of water polo. Tomorrow is the last day of games! Good luck to everyone!