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About MidValley Water Polo Club

MidValley Water Polo Club

Serving the San Gabriel Valley, California


MidValley Water Polo is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of the sport of water polo (among them: physical fitness, team sport participation, and building self discipline in and out of the pool) to kids starting at any skill level.


MidValley Philosophy

We teach our kids what hard work really means.  More importantly, we validate their hard work and teach them to be proud of their accomplishments. 

We set goals for the youngest kids that seem impossible.  We teach and train them, and when they achieve these seemingly impossible goals, their self-confidence skyrockets and they learn to dream bigger. 

We then help and encourage our athletes to take these skills and apply them in other arenas – especially in academics.  Very few of our kids will ever become professional water polo players, but all of them will earn admission to better colleges than they would without MV Polo.  Past MV Polo athletes have attended or are attending Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Berkeley, USC, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, and the Claremont/Pomona Colleges.

Why Choose MidValley Water Polo Club?

MidValley Water Polo Club is located in the San Gabriel Valley, a part of Southern California.  We draw players from Temple City, San Marino, Arcadia and surrounding areas. 

The club offers four sessions throughout the year:  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  We have historically held practices at the Temple City High School swimming pool.  We currently run our practices at the Rosemead Aquatic Center and the El Monte Aquatic Center.  Practices run Monday through Thursday, late afternoon through evening, with scrimmages scheduled for Fridays or Saturdays.

Almost anyone is eligible to play water polo for MidValley, as long as the child is mature enough to follow directions for an entire practice. 

Current club members are boys and girls as young as 6 and as old as 18.  New players start in the Novice Group.  They move on to the Intermediate Group, comprised of teams for young athletes 10 and under (5th grade), 12 and under (6th grade), and 14 and under (8th grade).  Most players age 14 and above compete on the high school age teams.

The Novice Group participates in scrimmages and informal tournaments with other clubs in the area.  The Intermediate and High School Groups compete in tournaments in the Coastal California League.  Scrimmages are held on both weekdays and weekends and provide an excellent opportunity for players to develop their skills in a game format.  Tournaments are weekend events, sometimes including Fridays.

MV Polo is dedicated to building excellence in the youth of San Gabriel Valley.  Our players train in an atmosphere that reinforces high self-esteem, self-motivation, physical fitness and respect for others.  By training for water polo, kids will improve their swimming ability and develop confidence in the water faster than in any other type of learn-to-swim program. But above all, we strive to instill in them the mental qualities that will stay with them and help them in other endeavors outside the pool.  

Contact Us Today For More Information:

Robert Zirovich

Head Coach

Phone: (626) 372-2049

Our Supporters & Sponsors

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